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Warning: By purchasing Simple-Keylogger, you agree that you will only install this software on a computer in which you have ownership and express permission to do so. Failure to do otherwise will be in violation of the Simple-Keylogger License Agreement and possibly United States or other countries' laws.
Learn the truth about your spouse, your date, your kids, your employees, your partner...
Three different versions to be more adaptable to your own needs:
Local Version
Use this version to monitor a computer that you have regular access to.

Remote Version
You will need this version to monitor a computer that you have only restricted/limited access to. You need to access the computer only once for the installation; then you will receive the keystroke report by email as frequently as you set it.

Remote Installation Version
With this version you don't need access to the computer of your target at all. This version will be installed stealthily on the target computer and you will receive the keystroke report by email.
SimpleKeylogger Testimonials:

Even years after purchasing the product, the quick and efficient after sales service is very welcome and heart warming. With the internet being so full of scams and spam, it is fantastic to find a product and a company that does what they say they will. Thank you again.

ught I’d just have a quick look at what my kids were doing on the internet these days. I typed in the Keylogger password and got a huge shock!
I remained relatively calm and managed to broach the subject with both of my children without them even suspecting I knew what they had been accessing on the internet. I purchased this fantastic software at that point and every so often I have a quick look at the logs of what they are up to, so I can prevent them getting into any trouble.
The authors of this amazing software have my deepest thanks
Best Regards, Todd

Thank you, I think you saved our marriage, without her even knowing.

With gratitude,
Philip K.

boy who claimed to be around the same age. There were things written there that a 11 year old should not be reading. He also wrote he wanted to be more than just friends and that they should meet up. On reading that I contacted the authorities straight away.
Their enquiries found that he was in fact 33 and lived only a short distance from our family home.
I firmly believe this keylogger saved my daughter from coming to any harm and I am indebted to you for that.
I cannot thank you enough for all your support. In my opinion this is without doubt the best keylogger available and when used properly I believe it will save lives.
I had downloaded 'SimpleKeylogger' and then basically forgot about it. I can’t tell you why, but something triggered my memory a few days later and I tho-
1- Go to the address:
and type the code you received after you purchased the Local Version.
2- Press the keys "ctrl + alt + shift + v" to view the settings window.
3- Click the link "View Keystroke Report" to view the keystroke report.

To uninstall, you simply have to click the "uninstall" button in the settings.

If you want to protect the access to the keystroke report with a password, you can write the password in the box "Password Protection".
The Remote Report Version includes all the functionality of the Local Version.
1- Open a new Gmail account and remember the login and the password.
2- From the target computer, go to the address:
and type the code you received after you purchased the Remote Report Version.
3- Press the keys "ctrl + alt + shift + v" to view the settings window.
4- nter the new Gmail login and password, then your personal email in the receiver's Email. Click "Send Email Test" and select the frequency you that you want to receive the report. Click "confirm" and close the window.
1- Open a new Gmail account and re-member the login and the password.
2- Download the program from the download link you received after you purchased the program.
3- Open the program and write the login and the password of the Gmail account. Write the email to whom you want to send the program and your email. Click "Send Email Test".
4- Select the frequency and click "Confirm".
5- Select the program you want to sent to your target. Click "Finish" and a new file will be created on your desktop.
6- Zip that new file and send it to your target.
My wife had been spending what seemed to me an unusual amount of time using the internet. After starting to use your software, I now know her activities on there are completely innocent.
Having purchased and set up this keylogger, I left it a few says before checking the logs for my
daughter, who is 11. Not surprisingly I found she had been chatting in a kid’s chat room with a
Watch the video demonstrations below to see exactly how each of them work.
Capture every single Keystroke they type,
(including user names and passwords)
Get the exact time and date when everything is typed
Capture & review all Chats and Instant Messages
Read every Email Sent & Received (including web-based emails)
Review every Web Site they visit
See everything they do on MySpace, FACEBOOK
(including all the profiles they visit)
See every picture they post
See every file they download
Quickly find what they are searching for on Google,Yahoo, AOL ...

You can even tell if your spouse is visiting dating sites or being approached by strangers
Why do I need a "SIMPLE" Keylogger ?


The market is full of huge software packages available with lots of add-ins that you’ll probably never need or want to. They promise to be 100% stealthy - but any computer they are used on will become slower. The user might notice the speed difference - and will probably do a complete scan against spyware and malware.
The keylogger will then be found and deleted from the computer, and you will then have to purchase another copy to be able monitor the computer. But even more importantly: you will have alerted the computer owner to what is going on - making them MORE likely to frequently and more thoroughly scan.

But every version of SimpleKeylogger is lighter than a calculator process. It is not only stealthy but also unnoticeable!

And another important feature is that if the user re-installs the Operating system (which will delete the SimpleKeylogger in the process), you simply have to re-install SimpleKeylogger. - another purchase is NOT neccessary. Every purchase gives unlimited downloads!!!

This offer is the equivalent of a corporate license - which would usually be sold for hundreds of dollars. You pay only once and you can then install SimpleKeylogger wherever you want and whenever you need to. This makes it a MUCH smarter choice for businesses and schools!

You can even keep a copy of this software on a USB key and
use it wherever you need, whenever you want!
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...about the installation:

Simple-Keylogger is used by law enforcement agencies, private detectives and investigators.
It is not always convenient to install some software onto a computer. Sometimes you don’t have the 5 or more minutes to do the whole setup.
Since our main clients are private detectives and investigators, we facilitated the task by allowing the user to make a complete installation in 3 seconds for the local version and 10 seconds for the Remote Report Version.
If a computer has access to the Internet, the investigator needs only 5 seconds to hack it!

1- Before the installation, open a gmail account and remember the login and the password.
2- Go to
3- Type your “easy-to-remember” password

That’s it! You have started already recording and monitoring everything that happens on that computer.
"SimpleKeylogger has quickly become one of our most valuable tools in the field. Now that there is so much activity taking place online, we have a whole department actively scouring the Internet. SimpleKeylogger is a major part of our strategy."
                                                                                                       Dep. John Morino
                                                                                                       Private Detective
With every versions of SimpleKeylogger, you will be able to: